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Akins, John Counselor HS 651-762-5844
Arlandson, John Teacher Math HS 651-762-5925
Arthur-Noble, Trena Teacher Special Education 651-762-5949
Bacon, Kael Restorative Practices 651-762-5985
Bailey, Katie Teacher Com Lang Arts HS 651-762-5911
Bohnen, Lonnie Media Paraprofessional 651-762-5815
Bradt, Ashley Special Education LD 651-762-5931
Briske, Jody Receptionist 651-762-5806
Brooke, Ann Teacher Work Experience 651-762-5970
Brust, Dee Teacher English Language Learners 651-762-5833
Buckingham, Angela Teacher Social Studies HS 651-762-5945
Burke, Melissa Guidance Secretary 651.762.5843
Carlson, Brooke Teacher Spanish
Chandler, Shawn Paraprofessional 651.762.5800
Christensen, Paul Teacher Lang Arts / Math 651-762-5910
Cole, Ellen Counselor HS 651-762-5981
Collova, David Teacher Social Studies HS 651-762-5936
Cooper, Deborha Paraprofessional 651-762-5800
Dahl, Annie Teacher Spanish 651-762-5855
Decker, Susan Secretary to Principal 651-762-5808
DeMars, Joan Secretary to the Associate Principal 651-762-5805
Destics, Errin Teacher Language Arts 651-762-5801
Didier, James Teacher Chemistry 651-762-5932
Diffley, Allison Media Paraprofessional 651.762.5815
Duback, Darrell Custodian 541-762-5801
Duehn, Christina Teacher Social Studies HS 651-762-5941
Dvorak, Dana Teacher Phy Ed HS 651.762.5927
Enright, Laura Gifted & Talented Coordinator 651-407-2319
Erb, Spencer North Homes Children and Family Services 651.762.5800
Erickson, Anne Counselor HS 651-762-5847
Ericson, Suzanne Teacher Special Education 651-762-5938
Erlenborn, Elizabeth Technology TOSA 651-407-2111
Farmer, Bryan Teacher Science HS 651-762-5934
Ficcadenti, Kimberly Paraprofessional 651-762-5800
Forsythe, Aaron Athletics/Activities Dir of Student Activities 651-762-5803
Fox, Heather Teacher Special Education LD/Cross 651-762-5914
Gacek, Lisa Activites Secretary 651-762-5807
Garrels, Chad Teacher Vocal HS 651-762-5978
Garry, Ann Teacher Spanish 651-762-5954
Garry, Robert Teacher Spanish 651-762-5955
Gillund, Carrie Associate Principal, HS 651-762-5802
Gormley, Tim Parking Lot Supervisor 651-762-5800
Goucher, Laura Teacher Band HS 651-762-5967
Govrik, Anthony Teacher Spanish 651-762-5953
Gresafe, Rochelle Teacher Family and Consumer Science HS 651-762-5916
Haen, Elisabeth Technology TOSA 651-407-2243
Hahn, Justin Principal - High School 651-762-5801
Halverson, Jackie Teacher Com Lang Arts HS 651-762-5907
Harlane, Hans Teacher Science HS 651-762-5979
Harris, Ray Teacher Special Education ASD 651-762-5947
Hemenway, Brooke School Nurse 651-762-5852
Hill, Anthony Paraprofessional 651-762-5800
Holly, Justin Custodian, Night Lead
Hurd, Rebecca Teacher Chemistry 651-762-5935
Huseby, Derek Custodian 651.762.5800
Huss, Matthew Teacher Social Studies HS 651-762-5942
Irlbeck, Kayla Spec Education Paraprofessional 651-762-5954
Isola, Mike Teacher Math HS 651-762-5857
Jarman, Jennifer North Homes Children and Family Services 651-762-5988
Jochum, Luke Custodian 651-762-5800
Johnson, Cassidy 1-1 Nurse Paraprofessional 651-762-5800
Karlson, Karen Athletic Trainer 651-762-5860
Katzke, Sue Teacher Math HS 651-762-5922
Kizaur, Daniel Teacher Science HS 651-762-5937
Koren, Megan Desktop Support Specialist 651-762-5877
Korich, Lily Teacher Language Arts
Kowsky, Gail Teacher Art 651-407-2286
Kurkiewicz, Danny Teacher Life Science 651-762-5856
Lane, Jim Teacher Science HS 651-762-5939
Larson, Emily Teacher Social Studies HS 651-762-5946
Lewellen, Carly Teacher Com Lang Arts HS 651-762-5971
Lorntson, Sarah Teacher Com Lang Arts HS 651-762-5913
Martin, Doug Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) 651-762-5968
Mathson, Kelly Teacher Math HS 651-762-5924
McMahon, Megan District Nurse 651-407-2169
Merthan, Jennifer MLP Peer Coach 651-762-5819
Merthan, Robert Teacher Social Studies HS 651-762-5944
Mickelson, Craig Teacher Art 651-762-5903
Miley, Keith Counselor HS 651-762-5846
Mitchell, Michelle Teacher Phy Ed HS 651-762-5930
Moore, Tiffany Teacher ASL 651-762-5956
Morgan, Lindsay North Homes Children and Family Services 651-407-2149
Muetzel, David Teacher Math/Phy Ed HS 651-762-5920
Nelson, Jan Teacher Art 651-762-5904
Nelson, Janine Teacher Social Studies HS 651-762-5940
Olson, Christopher Custodian 651-762-5800
Olson, Dave Instructional Paraprof 651.762.5800
Olson, Leif Paraprofessional 651-762-5800
Oswald, Jean Media Specialist - Secondary 651-762-5912
Oswald, Matt Teacher Math HS 651-762-5917
Poeschl, Jeffrey Teacher Phy Ed HS 651-762-5928
Ratzloff, Corey Teacher Phy Ed HS 651-762-5929
Rodriguez, Maria Custodian
Roquet, Lauren Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) 651-762-5974
Samtani, Poonam Paraprofessional 651-762-5963
Sansgaard, Jeff Teacher Social Studies HS 651-762-5906
Sara, Provo North Homes Children and Family Services 651-407-2149
Shafer, Kelly Teacher Science HS 651-762-5933
Shaffer, Nicole School Psychologist HS 651-762-5801
Shonbom, Suzanne Teacher Com Lang Arts HS 651-762-5908
Sims, Mack North Homes Children and Family Services 651.762.5800
Sparrow, Jacqueline Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing 651-762-5962
Splettstoeszer, Steph Cafeteria Manager 651-762-5875
Taylor, John Teacher Com Lang Arts HS 651-762-5909
Tester, Jodie Teacher Spec Ed EBD HS
Thoma, Nicole Educ Speech/Lang Path SE 651-762-5951
Trautman, Terry Mental Health Resource Coordinator 651-762-5845
Unger, Nik Custodian 651.762.5800
Wald, David Teacher Math HS 651-762-5919
Wheeler, Steve Teacher Social Studies HS 651-762-5944
White, Sheri Teacher Math HS 651-762-5918
Wilma, Alicia Teacher Art 651-762-5905
Wojtas, Lori Teacher Math HS 651-762-5923
Yeager, Amy Teacher Social Studies HS 651-762-5801
Young, Michael Head Custodian, HS 651-762-5874

Our Mission

The mission of Mahtomedi High School, a driven and supportive family of Zephyrs whose individual growth enriches the community as a whole, is to ensure a transformational experience in which students are life-long learners and empathetic community members equipped with the desire and ability to explore their passions through a vital system distinguished by:

  • inclusive and safe environments where all Zephyrs belong and advocate for one another through authentic relationships
  • a culture that seeks out and honors diverse and global perspectives
  • dynamic educational experiences for varied interests
  • embracing the discomfort of setbacks as an important part of the learning process
  • a community that recognizes that success comes in many forms
Mahtomedi High School ISD #832
Our School
Mahtomedi High School has a heart for innovation, provides rigorous academic coursework, and supports students to explore extracurricular opportunities. Our teachers and staff are passionate and dedicated people who explore innovative ideas and teach our students new ways of thinking to support them in whatever career path they choose. Students engage in project-based learning to solve real-world problems using industry-standard technology in the nation’s first M.I.T. certified FabLab housed in a public school. Fine arts is a vital and robust part of the High School and our visual and performing arts classes include ceramics, digital art, choir, band, and event broadcasting. We also offer Flex Time during the school day when students may receive academic support, engage in college and career exploration, and connect over common interests. Over 90% of our student community engages in extracurricular activities that range from athletics to robotics. Students’ social and emotional learning is addressed through various avenues including a restorative practices approach for student behavior and through our Zephyr Link Crew mentoring program.