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Please see a few updates below with answers to some common questions we’ve had about Distance Learning at MHS


Once we feel comfortable interacting with our students and families through Distance Learning, we will find a solution to the questions surrounding student grades for the remainder of the year. Teachers do not have enough data about student progress at this time to assign grades to student work. If we make a decision prematurely, it may negatively impact students, and that is the last thing we want for our Zephyrs.  

Teachers will be focusing on student growth and their wellbeing during Distance Learning. We will have more information in a few weeks about students’ academic progress and be able to establish a grading practice that is fair for students and supportive. Teachers will record Distance Learning scores in StudentVue at this time as “Not for Grading.” This means that students and families will be able to follow their student's progress; however, the scores will not be calculated into the students’ grades at this time.

Conferences and Communicating with Teachers

Conferences this spring will be scheduled during a three week period from April 9 to April 30. Teachers will contact the families of students needing more academic or emotional support and schedule a phone call to the parents/guardians of the students. For parents/guardians not available between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm, teachers are happy to schedule an appointment between 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm on student contact days during the three weeks of conferences.

The purpose of our conferences is to:

  • Share academic progress

  • Strengthen connections between home and school

  • Learn more about our students’ strengths and discuss strategies to support their learning

  • Discuss issues that may be barriers to learning and growth.

You are welcome to reach out to teachers, counselors, support staff and administrators during these three weeks or at any time to ensure we have all the information we need to support students. We are here for you and we know that working together is always in the best interest of our students. Please reach out to us for support, questions, and suggestions.  

Daily Schedule

I have had some questions about a daily schedule for high school students and attached a sample of how students could schedule their day for Distance Learning.

Future Questions and Suggestions

Please contact me with questions, suggestions, or to say “Hi.” It was so heartwarming to see students and parents/guardians picking up personal belongings last week. I miss the daily interactions with students, staff, and families but know that this is in everyone’s best interest to follow GovernorGoverner Walz’s “Stay At Home Order” which will get us back together when it’s safe.

Kathe Nickleby, Mahtomedi High School Principal