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I know that this is a crazy time.  I know that you all have many questions, some of you feel scared, and some students are even frustrated to not be attending school normally.  I want you to know that the adults in the building hear you.  We empathize with you because we feel the same emotions.  I love my job.  I love coming to school at Mahtomedi every single day because we have an incredible group of students and staff.  The uncertainty around the remainder of this school year breaks my heart because I take pride in being the best social worker I can be.  Because of this, I am simply changing my methods.  

Please, if you need any support at this time for any reason, please email me.  I am still here to support you ALL.  Also, follow me on social media so that I can still engage in my job, but virtually.

Twitter: Mr. Bacon @BaconKael

Facebook: Kael Bacon

Instagram: @mr.baconmhs

 I am going to be trying to do some fun things throughout the quarantine process to keep you engaged and perhaps give you something to do when you're so bored because you can't leave your house.  These will include youtube videos, perhaps some movie/book club ideas (virtually of course) and maybe even a Tik Tok challenge.  

As I said, I am still here for you.  This pandemic does not change that fact, it just changes how I am forced to go about it.  Thank you for making my job awesome!  We will all get through this.  Stay home, and stay well!

Kael Bacon

Social Worker at Mahtomedi High School.