Band Letter 2022-2023


Name: ________       Grade This Year: ____


____ Wednesday Jazz (5 pts if NEVER miss a rehearsal; 4 pts. If at 95% of rehearsals; 3 points if at 90%; 2 pts if at 80%; 1 pt. otherwise)


___ (ZJE) Thursday Jazz (5 pts if NEVER miss a rehearsal; 4 pts. If at 95% of rehearsals; 3 points if at 90%; 2 pts if at 80%; 1 pt. otherwise)


____ Percussion Ensemble (3 pts. If at 95% of rehearsals; 2 pts if at 80%; 1 pt. otherwise)


____ Pit Orchestra- LITTLE WOMEN (4 pts- could be less depending on how many rehearsals were missed)


____ Pit Orchestra- SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS  (4 pts- could be less depending on how many rehearsals were missed)


____ All-State Band Member 2022-2023 (4 points)


____ All-State Audition for 2023-2024 (1 point)


____ All-Conference (Metro East) Band  or Jazz Member (2 points)


____ Collegiate Honor Band Audition (1 pt per)  (U of M, Dorian Symphonic Band)


____ 2+ day Collegiate Honor Band (2 pts per event)  (UMD, Luther, U of M, Concordia, Gustavus)


____ 1 Day Collegiate Honor Band (1 pt. Per event)  (St Olaf, St. Thomas, Augsburg, etc)


____ Outside of MHS performance group (i.e. MYS, GTCYS, etc)  (2 points)


____ MBDA 9-10 Honor Band and/or audition (1 pt per audition)


____ MBDA 9-10 Honor Band 2022-2023 (2 pts)


____ MBDA 9-10 Honor JAZZ Band 2023 (2 pts)


____ NEMBDA 9-10 Honor Band 2022-2023 (1 pt)


____ Region 4AA Solo/Ensemble Contest (2 points 1st event, 1 pt. each additional event, 1 bonus point for superior rating, 1 bonus point for Best in Site)


____ Private Lessons 2022-2023 on BAND instrument (1 pt per semester)

List who you studied with and what months: 


____ Summer Music Festival/ camp 2022 (NOT including All State) (1-3 pts. depending on length)

List here what and for how long it was: 

____ BLT Member (up to 3 points; student writes a short paragraph describing how many points they think they deserve with evidence of why; Ms. Goucher and Band President/s will ultimately award the points) 


____ Section Leader (1 pt for each group you are a section leader/led sectionals for for a full year)


____ Band Mentor- 1 point (potentially 2 points if student can offer evidence of going above and beyond in their mentorship)


____ MHS Concert attendance (not your own) (1 pt. per 2 programs turned in)


____ Outside of MHS concert attendance (not your own)  (1 pt. per 3 programs turned in)


____ Extra performance with an MHS group not your own (i.e. drums with the choir; add in member to ZJE for an event if not an official part of it, etc)  (1 pt per)


____ Pep Band 50% or more of events (1 pt)


____ Director’s Discretion (if you’ve done something musical not on this list that you think deserves lettering consideration, talk to your director)


____ Total


Have you already received a Band/Choir letter?  Yes     No


How many band letters have you received in the past?    1 2     3


How many choir letters have you received in the past?    1 2     3


You receive a letter every 12 points, but may only be awarded one per year. 


The Master Musician award is for seniors who accumulate 50 or more points by their senior year and have participated in band for all four years. 


Our Mission

The mission of Mahtomedi High School, a driven and supportive family of Zephyrs whose individual growth enriches the community as a whole, is to ensure a transformational experience in which students are life-long learners and empathetic community members equipped with the desire and ability to explore their passions through a vital system distinguished by:

  • inclusive and safe environments where all Zephyrs belong and advocate for one another through authentic relationships
  • a culture that seeks out and honors diverse and global perspectives
  • dynamic educational experiences for varied interests
  • embracing the discomfort of setbacks as an important part of the learning process
  • a community that recognizes that success comes in many forms
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Our School
Mahtomedi High School has a heart for innovation, provides rigorous academic coursework, and supports students to explore extracurricular opportunities. Our teachers and staff are passionate and dedicated people who explore innovative ideas and teach our students new ways of thinking to support them in whatever career path they choose. Students engage in project-based learning to solve real-world problems using industry-standard technology in the nation’s first M.I.T. certified FabLab housed in a public school. Fine arts is a vital and robust part of the High School and our visual and performing arts classes include ceramics, digital art, choir, band, and event broadcasting. We also offer Flex Time during the school day when students may receive academic support, engage in college and career exploration, and connect over common interests. Over 90% of our student community engages in extracurricular activities that range from athletics to robotics. Students’ social and emotional learning is addressed through various avenues including a restorative practices approach for student behavior and through our Zephyr Link Crew mentoring program.