Please refer to Mahtomedi School Board Policy #613 for more information
Students must earn credits in grades 9-12 in the following areas in order to participate in commencement and earn a diploma:

English/Language Arts 4.0
Mathematics with successful completion of Algebra II 3.0
Science including a biology credit

Students must complete a chemistry, physics, or Career and Technical Education (CTE) credit as part of the 3-credit requirement.

The CTE credit must meet the standards underlying the chemistry or physics credit. See the High School Registration materials for courses that meet the CTE requirement
Social Studies including World History 1.0, U.S. History 1.0, Human Geography 0.5, Principles of Democracy A 0.5, and Principles of Democracy B 0.5, or AP Economics 0.5 3.5
Fine Arts (can only be in Art or Music) 1.0
Physical Education 0.5
Health 9/10 0.5
Electives 6.5
TOTAL 22.0