The following MCIS information was compiled by Ms. Ellen Cole in our guidance office: 


Minnesota Career Information System FAQs

A great tool for college/career research and planning!


Q: How do I access MCIS?

A: The Counseling Center at MHS has made you an account! Go to to see the login screen.


Your username is: lastname-firstname

Your password is: Plan######

(hint: that is a capital “P” in Plan and the number is your Student ID)


Q: Can parents/guardians use MCIS?

A: YES! There is a general school login that will allow parents/guardians to access all the research and assessment tools but will not save any results to a personal profile. Feel free to use it!

The general username is: mahtomedihs
The general password is: zephyr


Q: What does MCIS offer for career planning?

A: Under the Assessments tab in the red bar at the top of the page, there are tools for identifying your career interests and skills. You can take assessments multiple times and as long as you are logged into your personal account, all of your results will autosave for you to look at later! Also, under the Occupations tab, you can do some more straightforward career research by searching for specific jobs or career clusters that interest you. You can save anything that looks interesting by clicking on the Save button at any time.

Q: What does MCIS offer for college planning?

A: MCIS offers so much! A good first step is to go to the Education tab and click on “School Sort”. This will bring you to a page where you can search for colleges that match all kinds of criteria that might be important to you (location, size, cost, admission difficulty, etc.). You can give it as much information (or as little!) as you want about your preferences and it will

generate a personalized college list for you. You can click on “save sort” to save your results to look at again later.


Q: What does MCIS offer for high school academic planning?

A: An important tool for all MHS students is the Course Planner, which is found under the Plan tab. Using this tool, you can plan out your classes all the way through senior year and make sure you will reach all graduation requirements, as well as admissions requirements for different post-secondary options. MHS classes are loaded into the drop down menus, but if you are planning to take something that’s not there, you can just type it in.

Q: I saved some search results, occupations or colleges while I was researching. How do I find them again?

A: In the My Portfolio tab, you can find everything you’ve saved. Search results and assessments you’ve taken can be found by clicking on “Sort and Assessment Results” and colleges, programs of study and occupations you’ve saved can be found by clicking on “Favorites”.

Q: What else can I find in MCIS if I really explore it thoroughly?

A: MCIS has a lot to offer, make sure you get the most out of it! Its features also include…

  • Resume creator
  • Information on the military and other post-secondary options
  • Job search information (cover letters, networking, interview skills)
  • Tips for success in the workforce
  • Scholarship search (it works similarly to the “College Sort”)
  • Tips on paying for college
  • Assessment to determine your learning style
  • …And more!!!