Please refer to your teacher's website, Google Classroom, or Moodle page for more information regarding specific E-Learning assignments. 

The list below is a guide for logging in to many of the resources available for students online including online textbooks as well as online resources such as Moodle (Mahtomedi Online) and Google Classroom.

Your case manager will be available between 10 am and 3 pm on eLearning days to assist with any accommodations or modifications needed for eLearning assignments in your classes.

Online Social Studies Textbook

1. Go to-

2. Enter teacher email address-   ex.

3. Enter student user name-  lastname-firstname  (ex. jones-joe)

4. Enter password-   6***** (student’s 6-digit ID number)


Online English Textbook

1. Go to-

2. Enter username-   student’s full email address   (ex.

3. Enter password-   6***** (student’s 6-digit ID number)


Moodle/Mahtomedi Online

1. Go to-

2. Click on the 'Students & Parents' tab

3. Click on 'Mahtomedi Online (Moodle)' under 'Logins'

4. Click on 'Login' in the upper right hand corner of the screen unless immediately prompted to do so

5. Enter username:  lastname-firstname  (ex. jones-joe)

6. Enter password:    6***** (student’s 6-digit ID number)


Google Classroom (this is the same username and password that will allow access to Gmail, Docs, Slides, and all other Google Apps)

1. Go to

2. Click on the Google Apps pad near the upper right hand of the window

3. Click on the Google Classroom App icon

4. Click on the class icon that you wish to access

5. Enter username: student's full email address (ex.

6. Enter password:    6*****mps (student’s 6-digit ID number followed by mps)