Snow Day eLearning Plan for Life Skills (including English and Math)
This is your assignment for the day and will be graded. Fill out the form in your eLearning bag to share what you did in each category. If your child is sick or unable to complete the e-Learning plan, please report the absence via the Mahtomedi High School online absence form.  Our goal is to be learning for approximately 20-30 minutes per class for grades 6-12.
Choose 1 activity in each of the categories: (You may substitute an activity of your own choosing.)

Reading Writing/OT Math Speech/ Communication Physical activity/ DAPE Functional skills/ Vocational skills
Read a favorite book for 20 minutes or listen to a story Write a summary of what you read Do a shape hunt around the house OR Have circle time with your family and share your name, how you feel, and ask your family members 2 questions from our conversation sheet Have a dance party Practice activities of daily living/OT skills (buttoning, zipping, tying, brushing teeth/hair, steps to good handwashing)
Read a newspaper article (paper or online) Make a list of what you are going to do today Count the change (money) in the house Share highs/ lows around the dinner table (good/bad things in the day) Play outside (sledding, skating, build a snowman or fort) Write your name and personal information
Read a Scholastic News Write a shopping list Play a card game (directions to games in bag) Tell a circle story (see directions in bag) Help shovel the driveway/ sidewalk If you have a pet, do a chore for it (feed, water, clean, walk)
Do a page in your reading comprehension skills packet Check your email and respond to your teacher or someone else Get a bucket of snow then estimate how long it will take to melt Call a friend or family member and have a 5 minute conversation (use the sheet in the bag to help!) Do exercises in the house: yoga, jumping jacks, etc. Do a chore around the house: set table, clear table, wash dishes, wash table, fold clothes, sweep, vacuum, dust
Read a recipe and cook something; practice measuring skills Write a note/ letter/ card/ email/ text to a family member or friend Get a ruler and measure the depth of the snow in your driveway Play a game with someone   Clean your room: make your bed, pick up toys, clothes, things around the house
  Write your letters or numbers, use your tri-lined paper for accuracy Check the weather twice in the day and find the difference in temperatures