This assignment is worth 5 formative points (graded on completion).

On an e-learning day:

On days that the district cancels school due to inclement weather, all MHS students will be expected to complete 20-30 minutes of work for each class. Assigned work must be completed on the e-learning day for you to receive credit. This information is also posted on my school website and on our Google Classroom page.

  1.  Check your Zephyr Apps email. I will email you by 9am. The email will have instructions for 20-30 minutes of work to be completed that day. If you do not have internet access outside of school and cannot check your email, please complete the default assignment described below.
  2. Most of the time, I will have something specific for you to work on that fits with our current unit (For example, review vocabulary, complete questions about an assigned text, draft/revise an ongoing writing assignment). 

  3. The default e-learning assignment for students will be:

  • Read your current assigned novel or your self-selected silent reading book for 20 minutes. Complete the exit slip/summary assignment on Google Classroom. If you do not have internet access, write a 4-6 sentence summary of what you read. Include the title and author of your book and the page you began and ended on. Turn this in the day you return to school.
If you have any questions, please email me at or leave me a voicemail at 651-762-5913. I will be available during the regular school hours and will frequently check for messages.