Laura Goucher
Ms. Goucher

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  The MHS Band Program continues the tradition of providing its members with quality musical and educational experiences that are fun, memorable and challenging! 

I, personally, am very excited to be joining this amazing community. We have a great musical future in store for us, and I am so thankful that EACH of you are here to begin my journey with me. Together, we will do great things. I promise! J I am THRILLED you are all here, and a special welcome to our freshmen as you begin your MHS band journey. 

Being a member of this band requires commitment, hard work and a positive attitude on the part of every individual. These are all essential components that are necessary for success and enjoyment, and are the educational outcomes developed in each individual band member. The rewards of being part of this ensemble are great, but with great reward comes great responsibility.  J 

Please read all of the information provided in the Band Handbook, and save it for future reference.   If you have any questions or concerns at anytime, please contact Ms. Goucher at 651-762-5967 or send me an e mail at  Or better yet, seek me out in person and let’s have a good discussion. 

Again, I welcome you with excitement to the 2019-2020 MHS Bands! May your year be successful in every musical, academic and social way! 


Ms. Laura A. Goucher

Mahtomedi High School Director of Bands

Jazz Band I
Symphonic Band
Band 9