3.6.1 Developmental Adapted Physical Education Eligibility Requirements for the State of Minnesota
A student is eligible for Developmental Adapted Physical Education when the student meets the criteria described in items A and B:

A. Student has an Identified Disability
(Not: Speech/Language or ECSE: Birth - 3)


B. Documentation in evaluation report of delay from either:

1. Standardized psychomotor evaluation or physical fitness
test, administered individually by an appropriate licensed
teacher (1.5 SD below the mean or below 7%)


2. Development or achievement and independence in school,
home and community settings is inadequate to allow
success in general PE (two or more sources of data):

*Motor and skill checklist
*Criterion referenced measures
*Parent and staff interviews
*Informal tests
*Medical history or reports
*Systematic observations
*Social, emotional, and behavioral evaluations
*Deficits in achievement related to the
defined curriculum

For complete information regarding eligibility requirements,
refer to Minnesota Rule 3525.1352