*** Peer Mentor Opportunities in Developmental Adapted Physical Education***

What is a Mentor?
A mentor is an experienced person who provides information, advice, support, and encouragement to a less experienced person, often leading and guiding by example of his/her success in an area.

Goal for Peer Mentor Program:
* To help build peer relationships, create a positive culture and
climate in our school, and a solid foundation for student
*To provide socialization and leadership opportunities for all

Qualifications for Peer Mentors:
*Grades 10 - 12
*Available 6th period (1:35 - 2:30)
*Strong interpersonal skills
*Self motivation for physical activities
*Encouraging and Supportive
*Tolerant and Respectful of individual differences
*Positive attitude
*Willing listener
*Patient and Flexible

Role for Peer Mentors:
*Take the lead in supporting peers
*Serve as a positive role model
*Build relationships by participation in physical activities together
*Strive for mutual respect
*Build self esteem and motivation

Responsibilities for Peer Mentors:
*Attend class with excellent attendance
*Assist and be a willing participant in on-campus activities
(curriculum - based physical activities)
*Assist and be a willing participant in off-campus activities
(community - based outings)
*Assist teacher with equipment needs
*Assist program participants with daily class activities
*Take a positive approach toward teacher's lesson plans

Benefits of Peer Mentoring:
*School Credit
*A greater understanding of diversity and tolerance of individual
*Opportunity for growth in maturity and leadership
*Personal fulfillment through contribution to the community and
*Satisfaction in helping someone mature, progress, and achieve
*Connecting with individuals who have special needs
*Our children's classmates are likely to be their co-workers,
neighbors, and employers (employees) during their adult
years, so the friendships and other benefits of peer
mentoring may extend well into the future.

For more information on Peer Mentor Opportunities:
Contact Shelley Mitchell @ 651-407-2162