Online Databases Available to You
Databases (DB’s) are structured collections of records or data that are stored in a computer system. The Internet itself is a vast DB! MN Public Libraries subscribe to huge DB’s paid for with tax dollars. Anyone with a public library card may use them free of charge.

Here’s how you can access them.
1. Get a Public Library Card if you don’t already have one. If you live in Washington County go to any WC Library and apply at the desk for a card. If you have a Driver's License they will ask to see it as proof of your ID. If you don't have a license, a parent or guardian will have to come along to vouch for you.
2. Your card will be issued to you right away, no waiting!
3. When you get your card you may begin using the “Electronic References” on the Washington County Library’s site right away. This link is on the left sidebar of this site:
4. Select the DB you want to use and you’ll be asked for your Library Card’s number and password. Type these in and begin your research!