falling snow
Photography and AP 2-D Students:

Please take a photo based on the prompt "Snow Day". This photo can be taken inside or outside, but needs to be a creative interpretation of "snow day". It is fine to take the photo with your phone, but the final image should show thought in using a creative camera angle and utilitzing compositional strategies such as rule of thirds, framing, leading lines, etc. Your photo may be a candid moment, an interesting observation, or a staged setting.

*Please be prepared to show your work when your return.

Painting and Drawing Students:

Please watch the following video clip on painting winter pines:

Answer the following questions:
  • What are 3 techniques you observed the artist using to create their work?
  • What are 2 techniques used that you would like to get better at? How do you think you will accomplish your goal?
  • What is 1 technique that you liked but you aren't sure how to successfully complete at this time?
*Please either email me the answers to your questions or turn them in on paper when you return to school.