Principal Kathe Nickleby

Principal Kathe Nickleby, Mahtomedi High SchoolThank you for visiting Principal Nickleby's web page.

On behalf of the Mahtomedi High School staff, I would like to express sincere appreciation for the opportunity to work with our students and the Mahtomedi Community.

Both Newsweek and the US World and News Report recognize Mahtomedi High School as one of the top public schools in the state of Minnesota and throughout the nation. Our collaborative focus on student learning and growth is evident through the success shown in high post-secondary enrollments for Mahtomedi graduates and exceeding standards on multiple common assessments.

In the event of an e-Learning day, I am available through email and phone. 

As always, I am interested in hearing from families and students as we continue to build upon our partnership to ensure that every child learns in a collaborative environment focusing on results.

Ms. Nickleby can be contacted at 651-762-5801.


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