Marilyn WalshWelcome to Student Support Services and Marilyn Walsh's 2019-2020 website!! 
If you need to contact me, either email ( ) or call: 651-762-5987.

On eLearning days, check the link for your class(es) to access your assignment(s). I will be available between 10 am and 3 pm to assist with any accommodations or modifications needed for eLearning assignments in all your classes or you can refer to your IEP accommodations page that you have at home to advocate for what you need with your classwork.

My Schedule:
Period 1    Life Skills English             Room 1120
Period 2    Due Process                    Room 1120
Period 3    Social Communication     Room 1120
Period 4    Prep and Lunch               Room 1120
Period 5    Lifeskills Math                  Room 1120
Period 6    Life Skills Theatre            Room 1303 (A days),  1120 (B days)

Contact: Marilyn Walsh