Purpose The Mahtomedi High School Athletic Hall of Fame will pay tribute, recognize, and enhance Mahtomedi Public Schools’ tradition of excellence by honoring former athletes, former coaches, and community members who have displayed outstanding athletic abilities or have made exceptional contributions to our school district’s athletic programs.

Eligibility To be nominated, a nominee must satisfy one of the following three criteria:
  • Athlete: Nominee must be a Mahtomedi High School graduate who graduated from MHS at least 10 years prior to nomination.
  • Coach: Nominee must be a retired Mahtomedi High School coach who retired from his/her coaching position at least five years prior to nomination.
  • Community Contributor: Nominee is immediately eligible.

Nomination Process Nomination forms will be available on an annual basis in three formats:
  • Online Form: Click this link, fill out the fields, and submit online
  • Printable Form: Click this link, download a PDF, print it out, fill it in, and mail it to the Activities Office
  • Hardcopy: Go to the MHS Activities Office and request a hardcopy form to fill out and submit

Once forms have been posted, an announcement will be placed in The Globe, in the White Bear Press, and via district e-news. Once selected, award recipients shall each receive an athletic history summary form, the information from which will be used for communications related to the honor.

Selection Criteria
  • Selection and induction into the Mahtomedi High School Athletic Hall of Fame shall be limited to a maximum of five inductees per year.
  • Not more than three individuals representing a single activity shall be inducted annually.
  • Athletic history summary forms will be kept on file for five years. After five years a person may be re-nominated.
  • Athletic accomplishments at Mahtomedi High School shall be the foundation for selection. Outstanding achievement following graduation may also be a consideration.

Selection Committee Nominees will be evaluated and recipients selected by a committee comprised of the following members:
  • Mahtomedi Public Schools administrator
  • Mahtomedi Public Schools activities director
  • One Mahtomedi Public Schools school board member
  • Two current Mahtomedi High School head coaches
  • Two at-large community members appointed by the activities director
2019 Nomination Forms Due May 1, 2019