When in doubt, READ.
When in doubt, READ.
Welcome back to school!

This is Ms. Haen's website which is set up to build open lines of communication between students, parents, and teachers.

Below, you can find the classes I am teaching this semester and the course syllabus. If you are looking for class documents, please see the appropriate calendar in the sidebar where the documents are attached OR log in to the Google Classroom account. If you are not finding something, please contact me via email.

If you'd like to meet with me about a paper/essay/assignment/grade, please contact me ahead of time with your concern. That way, I can familiarize myself with the concern of the student.

I encourage both parents and students to contact me throughout the semester!

Phone: 651-762-5915
Email: elisabeth.haen@isd832.net

Below, you'll find the past Remind messages to see what Ms. Haen has been communicating about with her students!

AP Language and Composition
Honors English 9