2021-2022 Mahtomedi High School Student Parking Information
Students who wish to park in the Mahtomedi High School Blue, Yellow and Green lots during school hours are required to purchase a parking permit. Following is information regarding automobile, motorcycle, scooter or moped permits for the 2021-2022 school year.
Timeline for Parking Permits:
May 26 - June 4: A parking lot interest survey will be sent to all high schools families via SchoolMessenger. The survey allows students and families to indicate which parking lot they would like to apply for. If there are more requests for a parking lot than there are spots a random lottery system will be used to determine who is eligible to purchase a permit in the lot. Application and payment procedures will be conducted at a later date.

The week of July 12: Parking lot assignments are sent to families and students via SchoolMessenger. The Mahtomedi ePay store opens for permit purchases. Students who will not have a valid driver's license by September 10 should wait to purchase a parking permit.  

August 20: The Mahtomedi ePay store closes for permit purchases. MHS staff will process purchases and prepare permits for pick-up.

August 30 - September 3: Parking permits may be picked up from the MHS main office. Students may also pick up parking permits during the first week of school at lunches. 

September 10: All unclaimed parking permits may be refunded and reassigned. 

September 13: The Mahtomedi ePay store re-opens for students and families that would like to purchase permits throughout the school year. 


Parking Fees:
Price reductions will be pro-rated at Semester 2 and Quarter 4.
  • $275 + tax Blue Lot
  • $225 + tax Yellow Lot
  • $  50 + tax Green Lot
  • $  20 + tax for motorcycles, scooters & mopeds (designated area)
  • $  10 + tax Temporary Parking Punch Card (5 punches) Green Lot. 
Application & Payment:
From Quick Links: select Mahtomedi ePay (MHSePay

Please follow the process to create a new account (click here for detailed instructions). Once you have created your account, select High School on the left side of the welcome screen. Select Parking. 

Students with a Minnesota Disability Parking Certificate have accessible parking spaces available at no cost.

Order of Parking Assignment: Parking Permits will be processed based on the following order.
  1. 12th grade students only will be eligible for the Blue Lot and will be surveyed to see if they would prefer a Yellow or Green Lot parking permit.
  2. 11th grade students are eligible for the Yellow Lot lottery or may purchase a Green Lot parking permit.
  3. 10th and 9th grade students are eligible for the Green Lot.

Parking Permit Distribution: Parking permits will be distributed based on the following criteria.
  1. Outstanding fines are paid in full.
  2. Student is required to have a valid driver's license and be prepared to present it when permit is distributed.
  3. Student must present the receipt from their online parking permit purchase.

How do I add, delete or update a license plate?  Stop by the MHS main office and complete a form or email the following information to Joan Demars at

Student Number:
License Plate:
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Color:
Assigned Lot (please circle):     Blue     Yellow     Green
Permit Number:
_____  Add vehicle
_____  Delete vehicle
_____  No permit displayed


REMINDER: Repeated parking violations at the High School will result in vehicle towing.

Our parking process and penalties are outlined in the High School student handbook on page four. 

We follow the process outlined below for parking violations.
  • First Violation: Warning ticket on vehicle and visit with student.
  • Second Violation: $10 fine, warning ticket, visit with student and call to parent/guardian alerting them that the next offense will result in car being towed.
  • If a vehicle is towed, the student or parent/guardian can obtain towing information from the main office.
The priority for our safety and security staff is to maintain building safety and security and the expectation is that students follow the parking guidelines. We appreciate your support in reviewing the parking rules and violations process with your student.


Our Mission

The mission of Mahtomedi High School, a driven and supportive family of Zephyrs whose individual growth enriches the community as a whole, is to ensure a transformational experience in which students are life-long learners and empathetic community members equipped with the desire and ability to explore their passions through a vital system distinguished by:

  • inclusive and safe environments where all Zephyrs belong and advocate for one another through authentic relationships
  • a culture that seeks out and honors diverse and global perspectives
  • dynamic educational experiences for varied interests
  • embracing the discomfort of setbacks as an important part of the learning process
  • a community that recognizes that success comes in many forms
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