Paul Christensen
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Paul Christensen


In this my 31st year of teaching, my schedule is as follows:
1st Hr.: APLIT
2nd Hr.: English 12
4th Hr.: English 10 Honors
5th Hr.: English 10 Honors
6th Hr.: English 12

I also serve as the advisor for the student newspaper, the MHS Zephyr Press.

When school is canceled for inclement weather or any other reason, students will complete either A) or B) below.
A) Default assignment: twenty-minutes reading of independent book followed by writing a four-five sentence summary.  Summary to be submitted the next class day. 
B) A unit-specific assignment that was communicated to the students the day before.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact me via email at .

A.P. Literature
English 12
English 10 Honors