Mahtomedi High School at a Glance

Where Zephyrs Define Excellence Every Day

Options for All

We offer an opportunity for every passion! We offer more than 40 clubs and activities, 28 athletic teams, and other ways for students to grow their passions.


Experience excellence at every turn! With AP, College in the Schools, 916 options, support systems for every learner, and amazing teachers, every student can achieve excellence.


We foster collaboration for a better future! Our community values and honors different perspectives and engages with one another in a way that makes each of us better.


Rylan Storkamp Mahtomedi

”The experience I learned at Mahtomedi's 916 program, I use every day in my current job, and it gives me a competitive advantage.” Rylan was hired right out of high school by Cummins, a multinational engine design and manufacturing corporation.

- Rylan Storkamp, MHS Class of 2022

Alicia Wilma teacher at Mahtomedi High School

"“She genuinely cares about students. What stands out about Alicia is she finds ways for all students to access her classes and she inspires students to find a passion for art in their own way.” Ms. Wilma teaches photography, painting, and AP 2-D Design.

- Alicia Wilma

Joy Shadrack History Day National Qualifier Mahtomedi High School

"History Day helped me realize that history really was a living story, and this topic helped me empathize with it.” Joy was a History Day National Qualifier for her performance project on the Vietnam War.

- Joy Shadrack, MHS Class of 2025