Abigail Holmquist
Welcome to French!

French 1 is an introduction to francophone cultures, and covers basic vocabulary and verb conjugation in the present and future tenses.

French 2 is a continuation from French one, in which students expand their vocabulary and learn to use the past, present, and future tenses for a variety of topics.

French 1 and French 2 require similar supplies.  For either class, you simply need a place to neatly organize your papers (a folder, three ring binder, etc.), loose-leaf paper, and notecards to make flashcards if you desire (many students find this helpful for studying).  It is very important to keep our handouts and homework organized and quickly accessible.   Please use a planner to record our homework assignments each night.

Our Moodle (Mahtomedi Online) page contains vocabulary lists, copies of homework assignments, study guides, and helpful resources.  Click here to log in to Moodle.

For questions or concerns, feel free to contact me: