Attendance Policies and Information

MHS Attendance
The former Attendance Phone Lines are no longer available.

In an effort to minimize staff involvement and disruptions to the classrooms, a parent/guardian note presented to the attendance clerk/MHS receptionist or parent/guardian use of our  On-Line Absence Reporting Form, allows the student to "Check In or Check Out" using the kiosk for reasons due to late arrivals and/or early dismissals. Written notes should be turned in prior to the start of the school day at 8:00 AM.

We understand occasionally the situation arrives and your student needs to be released unexpectedly during the day, please attempt to fill out the On-Line Absence Reporting Form or call Joyce Rohrig directly at 651-762-5806 to make arrangements.

The On-Line Absence Reporting
The On-Line Absence Reporting Form will help expedite accurate attendance reporting.  After completing the form, MHS and the parent will be notified by e-mail of the absence, late arrival or early dismissal. Please be aware that the parent alert will go to the e-mail submitted on the absence form.

Lunch and Learn Schedule

Please be aware that during our new Lunch and Learn schedule, it may be difficult to locate your student during this time period. Please complete the On-Line Absence Reporting Form and text your student of their pending dismissal.

How to report an absence, late arrival or early dismissal
*Please call the Health Office directly to inform health staff of specific health care information or needs at 651-762-5852.

All Day Absence
-Parent Completed On-Line Absence Reporting Form; OR
-Students must bring in a note when they return to school.

Late Arrival
-Parent completed On-Line Absence Reporting Form; OR
-Students must bring a note with them to be admitted.

Early Dismissal
-Parent completed On-Line Absence Reporting Form; OR
-Students must bring a note to school and bring it to the attendance desk PRIOR to 8:00 AM to be dismissed from school.

Attendance Notification

When a student has an unexcused or unresolved absence, parents will receive a phone call notification informing them that their student has missed one or more classes. If your student has an Excused Absence, you will receive an e-mail notification stating that the absence was excused. 

Parents should listen carefully to the message to determine the status of the absence. Parents can and should FREQUENTLY review attendance records by logging into their ParentVue account.

When a student has missed one or more classes, the School Messenger system automatically sends a phone call/email to the contact information provided. The message will refer to an unresolved or unexcused absence as defined below.

Unresolved Absences
The student was absent but the school was not notified. Parents/Guardian should complete the On-Line Absence Reporting Form OR have the student bring in a note immediately.

Unexcused Absences
The student was absent and was marked unexcused for their absence.
School attendance is one of the most significant factors related to school achievement. The school, parents, and students share the responsibility of promoting regular attendance. The Minnesota Compulsory Attendance Law requires students to attend all their classes every day. Teachers take attendance at the start of each period. As per the Mahtomedi High School Handbook, all policies and regulations apply to all students regardless of age - 18 year old students are NOT allowed fill out the On-line Attendance form or write their own excuse notes. 


Contact: Joyce Rohrig, Receptionist/Attendance Specialist